Brooks Ghost Running Shoe Product Review

As a running coach and an employee at a running store, I hesitate to write a review about a running shoe because running shoes are so individual. What works for me, may not be the right shoe for you. If I hate a shoe, it doesn't mean that it won't the absolute perfect shoe for you and your running mechanics.

A running shoe review is not like a product review of other products where the reviewer may evaluate the product's quality and performance features. If you are buying a running shoe from one of the major running shoe manufacturers then quality and performance are a given. They are all good, that's why they have that higher price tag. Running shoe manufacturers all make quality shoes built to run. It's less about the shoe itself and more about finding the right shoe for you.

Which is why you probably shouldn't buy the same shoe your runner partner loves, pick a pretty shoe from an online retailer or off the shelf (with no running expert in sight) at a big box retailer. If you are serious about running, which is anyone who consistently runs approximately 10 miles or more per week, then it's time to make the investment into a good pair of running shoes.

Find your local running store and let an expert help you choose. With the dizzying amount of running shoe options, a running store employee can help you narrow down the choices and find the right shoe for you. A lot of runners are loyal to their favorite brand, which is fine, but I am always open to trying new shoes, maybe one of these days I'll find the magic bullet that propels me across the finish line a little faster (wishful thinking, I know).

Even though I've been running for over a decade, I'm a running coach and am not prone to injuries, I decided to get fit again to make sure I am still running in the correct shoe...and I was surprised!

Wayne at Lone Star Walking & Running company confirmed what I already knew, that I wear a neutral shoe, which means I have medium arches and don't over-pronate (my foot doesn't roll inward more than normal when I run). However he put me in a shoes 1/2 size bigger than I was already wearing. I wear a 8 dress shoe and usually run in a size 8 1/2. The extra space allows room for your feet to expand as you run. If you ever lost a toenail, it's a sign that your shoes are too small.

Wayne suggested I go one full size bigger and fit in me in a size 9 Brooks Ghost 10. This is why it is always good to get an outside perspective even if you think you already know. The extra room in the toe of the shoe feels great.

brooks ghost.JPG

I've been running in Brooks Ghost that Wayne recommended for about two months and they quickly became my favorite shoes. I alternate my running shoes throughout the week, but I've been making sure my Brooks are my long run shoe because they are the most comfortable. I am at the end of my training cycle for the Fort Worth Cowtown half marathon, so when I spend up to two hours on a run I like to wear the Brooks cushioned, yet light and comfortable Ghost.

But don't take my word for it. Stop by Lone Star Walking & Running Company in Fort Worth (or your favorite local running store in your city) and get fit for your own perfect shoe.



Lea Genders is a running coach and personal trainer in Fort Worth, TX that specializes in strength training for runners. Visit her on her strength & running blog at or say hi to her and her favorite four-legged running partner over on Instagram at Runningwithollie