You signed up for what!?! <--- that's what most of your co-workers, family members and internet friends will say when you tell them you signed up for an obstacle course mud run. They may not get your wild sense of adventure, but don't worry, we do. I'm here to help you out with a few tips for training, gear and preparing for your first mud run. It's going to be great as long as you don't mind getting a little muddy.

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When you train for a mud run it's important that you train for both endurance and functional strength. If you're a runner, great, you're half way there, but it's just as important to train for the obstacles. You may be scaling walls, climbing a cargo net, climbing ropes, swinging across monkey bars or crawling under obstacles, all while carrying an extra two to three pounds of mud caked to your body (fair warning). 

Maintain your running fitness by running steady-state runs to build endurance, run intervals to improve aerobic capacity and work on full body strength. Add push ups, pull ups, rows, squats and dead lifts into your strength workouts. Practice crawling with bear crawls and train for intensity with burpees. You got this!


Stay away from all clothes and socks that are made of cotton. Cotton absorbs water and mud. You will get muddy and the weight of the water and mud will absorb into your clothes and weigh you down. Think lighter. Wear form fitting clothing, baggy clothes will just get weighed down in the water and mud. Actually the least amount of clothes you can (legally) wear, the better.


Some people make the mistake of wearing their oldest, rattiest shoes to a mud run because they think they will get ruined. This is a mistake because on the uneven terrain of a muddy obstacle course, you need the support of a good pair of shoes more than ever. 

Get a leg up on your competition with a shoe designed specifically for mud runs! The Salomon Running AMPHIB is light weight and made for in and out of the mud and water. Perfect for muddy wet trails and obstacles with grip and water evacuation. 


Come see us at Lone Star Walking & Running Company in Fort Worth to get fit for a pair before your mud run.



Sunglasses can help keep the sun and mud out of your eyes but you also stand a chance of losing them in the mud pits. Expect to be completely submerged in water at least one time on your run. If you decide to wear sunglasses, be sure it is not a pair that would break your heart (or bank account) if they get lost in the mud pits. 


Zippers can get caked with mud and get ruined. If you wear a jacket with a zipper, be sure it is one you don't mind tossing at the end of the run. 


While it should be a no-brainer to leave the bangle bracelets and fancy necklaces at home, it also may be a good idea to leave your wedding ring or any other meaningful piece of jewelry safe at home. I can't imagine anything worse that losing a sentimental piece of jewelry in a mud pit. 


So you've trained hard and geared up for your upcoming mud obstacle course race. Here a few last minute tips to make sure you have a great time on race day. 

1. Have fun! This is the whole point, remember? Don't take any of it too seriously. Get out there and do your best. 

2.  Invite lots of friends! The more the merrier. That friend who thought you were crazy for signing up may be signing his own waiver next year. Who can you encourage to get active and have a little fun? 

3.  Leave the cell phone, GPS, iPod or anything else you still want to own the next day in the car.  You will likely be submerged in water and mud several times. 

4.  Bring a couple of towels, a dry set of clothes, underwear and shoes for after the run.

5.  Bring trash bags to cover your car seats for the drive home, just in case. 

Get muddy, have fun and let us know how it goes. Follow us on Instagram for up-to-date product releases, running tips and an all-around good time.


Author: Coach Lea

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Lea Genders is a running coach and personal trainer in Fort Worth, TX that specializes in strength training for runners. Visit her on Mondays at Lone Star Walking & Running Company, on her strength & running blog at or say hi to her and her favorite four-legged running partner over on Instagram at Runningwithollie