THE running store to go to in Fort Worth, Texas

About Lone Star

we're not your average running store.

Running is what we do, and we have a lot of fun doing it! Come in and enjoy a shoe fitting like you've never had before.  Our hands-on approach allows us to more effectively address your individual running needs.  


meet herbie...

Recently, Herbie the Wonder Dog attended the Outdoor Retailer show in Colorado to freshen the look of the store.  Herbie's favorite booth was sampling maple ice cream cones with bacon on top.

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Weekly Wednesday 6:30pm run/walk

a texas-shaped 3.7 mile loop, a killer hill, and beer + cheer to follow!

We have the BEST weekly social run in town! Who else offers a recovery beverage from the keg? (for ages 21 and over, of course!)

Bring a water and friend and join some friendly folks for a 3.7 scenic loop that takes you through the Camp Bowie District, River Crest, Trinity Trails and Burton Hill neighborhoods. Did we mention that the LS route features the crowd favorite, MERRICK STREET HILL?

Finish off the Wednesday route with cold water and/or NUUN from our cooler, a tasty beverage and the optional ICE BATH! Recovery is one of the best parts of running! Do it right with Lone Star!

*Some Wednesday Runs will feature a special Vendor/Guest. These are events your can’t miss! These may include freebies, drawings and/or demo days where you can test out the shoes we sell. As they say, “Try before you Buy.”